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Our meditation lounge is designed for those that prefer and appreciate a private and semi-private ambiance.  Our attention to detail provides a sense of luxury and calmness, a zenful setting towards an enriching inner-experience.

Sound Meditation
Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation series are simple, fun, and powerful!

In these sessions we introduce meditation techniques while combining with a soothing session of sound meditation, serenading your brain with positive vibrations to further alleviate you from stress and anxiety.

Relax with healing notes and tones of sound instruments while allowing the mind to drift off and dream.

This time will also help sooth the nervous system to prepare for an amazing sleep!

Sound & Dream

Be encompassed by the wonders of sound healing while creating more space in the heart to give and receive.


Give yourself some self care with this soothing modality of relaxation.

Sound & Love

Enjoy the wonderful sounds and amazing benefits of sound healing while being guided to a deeper state of relaxation.

Sound & Word

This is a luxurious experience of radiating sound that hits soul-deep, while being surrounded by the comforting and relaxing glow of candlelight.


Allow yourself to relax immensely and instantly feel at peace.

Candlelight Soundbath 

Our RE-series is designed to help you unwind & rejuvenate your mind & body. 

Learn how to release internal & external stresses from your body. 

Reconnect with your inner self. 

Reset your body, mind, and spirit by pressing pause on your day with our Restore meditation class.


This class is great for any level. Here we focus on mindfulness, breath, and finding the present moment.


Revitalize your nervous system and recharge your energy to feel more balanced and more aligned.


We use mindfulness techniques to help bring more vibrancy back into your day!


Sometimes the busyness of life can make us forget to slow town and take a pause...

This class is designed to help you find your breath, turn inward, and reconnect to your inner self while slowing things down so we can listen to the voice and messages within.

In-Depth Meditation
In-Depth Meditation

Care to go deeper and explore a little more? 

These events are great for those looking for clarity and to stimulate creativity.

Allow for deep relaxation by finding stillness so the body can recuperate.


Through stillness in the body, we find that the nervous system and mind follow. This can allow for the body to help itself heal and find equilibrium.


This is our most transformative class of going inward via a specialized breath technique.


Dive deep to release energy that’s ready to be transformed and make way for a clearer, renewed you.

Immersive Breathwork

Adventure inwards to a deeper state of consciousness through a jouneying meditation.

As we shift the brain waves with rhythmic drumming into a more receptive mode for tuning in, we can gain insight & knowledge about the layers within us.








Promote healing & bring balance and harmony to the body.


Understand your own energetic vibration, the power of intention, gratitude, and thought patterns to bring forth what you wish to create in life.


Reconnect with deeper aspects of yourself and messages hidden below the surface. 

Join us in quieting the mind to touch base with your higher self to feel aligned, at peace, and rejuvenated.

Higher Self
Special Events
Special Events

Embark on a mindfulness journey with us through an integrative learning experience.  Gain insight on how Mindfulness manifests through these artistic expressions.

Join us for a workshop teaching the beautiful Japanese art of Ikebana! Ikebana translates to “making flowers alive”.


You will learn how to create your own flower arrangement that is unlike any other.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the broken areas with gold lacquer.


These beautiful restorations can be much more beautiful than it’s original. The gold holding the broken pottery together reminds us of how we can heal and put ourselves back together again, becoming a refreshed and more beautiful version of ourselves.

Coloring into

Try a new way of meditating through coloring! Calm the mind through this activity and watch yourself feel a new sense of relaxation.


Enjoy meditative coloring as a way to find center and presence in your day.

Meditation with Loved Ones
Meditation with Loved Ones

Sharing is caring, especially when you find something good!

Enjoy some quiet and meditative time with your furry friends! We practice the art of mindfulness through our senses.


We focus on sharing love with our pets through thought, touch, affirmation, etc.

Meditation with Pets
Mindfulness in
Fun & Play

Let your inner child come out to play!


Be present and find your playful side to bring back childlike wonder through some fun activities.

Private 1:1
Private 1:1

Private sessions available by appointment only. 

Please submit your enquiry & we will contact you 

1:1 Mentorship
Zenfinite Callaborations
Zenfinite Collaborations
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