our collection of modern guided meditation encompasses different styles & techniques designed to create a unique experience each class



Our RE-series is designed to help you unwind & rejuvenate your mind & body. 


Learn how to release internal & external stresses from your body. 

Reconnect with your inner self. 







Mindfulness is designed to introduce you to the world of meditation. Mindfulness is about sharing with you ways to be in the present and prepares your mind and body to engage in meditation.


The goal is to be more aware of your sensations, feelings, and thoughts to the level of your comfort.  Overtime this becomes easier and at some point may even be second nature.



Sound meditation is fun and entertaining! The goal is to get to a subconscious level where you can really release stress. It is a multi-sensory experience where your body harmonizes with the rhythms and vibrations, as your brain synchronizes with the tunes it reaches a heightened state of consciousness and deep meditation.

It is in a very relaxing setting where most people lie down or sit comfortably, your mind and body is massaged with resonating sounds in various frequencies. Most people walk away more insightful and recharged.



Breathwork exercises are simple yet effective.  It is based on the premise that our modern stressful lifestyle causes anxiety, which leads us to breath in a short, shallow, and tense manner that deprives the body of fresh oxygen and retains stale energy. By applying proper breathing techniques one releases the stuck air within and takes in the new, while allowing for more awareness of the mind and body. Breath work is a powerful approach that combines the eastern spiritual practices with modern scientific research.

At Zenfinite we pair this thoughtful exercise with contemporary relaxing music, in a comfortable and zenful environment. It allows us to reach meditated state of mind sooner. Most leave the class feeling lighter, relieved, more aware of their mind & body.



Restorative is a soft meditative exercise that gently stretches connective tissue around the joints.  Designed to be passive, Restorative involves variations of poses held briefly.

The time spent in holding these positions is very meditative, it allows for precious opportunity for communication between the body and the mind. One commonly experiences enhanced sensation, feeling, and emotions during Yin meditation.



Deep Relaxation meditation allows you to reach a deep state of relaxation and inner awareness while still maintaining consciousness.  It is often practiced in a totally relaxing environment, lying down in a comfortable position to help you get into a fully restful and blissful manner.


Our guides speak with a deep, soft, and calming voice, touching your soul while instilling a sense of internal peace. Deep Relaxation meditation is a powerful technique to relax your mind and body - It is beneficial in deep cleansing your mind from busy and contradictory thoughts, and is known to reduce tension and anxiety as well as physical pain healing.

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