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Lounging it!

We were asked: “So, you want to start a business venture…” “What is it going to be?” “A Meditation Lounge? What is that?” “Can you make a living on that?” “Why meditation?

A myriad of questions our friends asked (and frankly, we asked ourselves) when they first hear about what we are trying to do. The answers weren’t clear at first, but it felt right within our hearts… and we trusted it. Soon the answers did become clear to us - things started to fall in place, and people came into our lives at the right time. We are very grateful for all the support and words of encouragement, and are truly thankful for those who are helping to make this dream of ours a reality.

So, the answers to the questions in the beginning of this post:

What is a Meditation Lounge? Simply put, it is a fresh take on meditation. We want to create a simple, sophisticated, and modern environment for people to meditate.

Make a living? Sure! Well, we hope so. Its more about having the right balance in life. Life experiences have taught us that success comes in more than one flavor. It is not always about bottom lines, profit margins, or LCV-CAC > 0… although it helps to have those numbers to be positive.

Why meditation? We have benefited ourselves from it, and have witnessed how it has benefited others. We believe in it, and we know that it is a place with people we would enjoy spending our time in and growing with.

So what’s going to be in this blog? How about this:

  • Our story on the creation of Zenfinite Meditation Lounge; all the ups and downs of starting a small business.

  • How Meditation benefits us, both mentally and physically.

  • The art and beauty of zen.

Please stay tuned and embark on this journey with us…

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