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Ikebana with Meditation - Ikebana (生け花) is the Japanese art and philosophy of floral arrangement. It

Come enjoy a beautiful live demonstration of the Ikebana Art!

Ikebana (生け花) is the Japanese art and philosophy of floral arrangement. The tradition dates back to the 7th century. The style of Ikebana we will be demonstrating is Sogetsu-Ryu(草月流).

Its uniqueness lies in its modern, simple, and minimalist approach.

Language is not needed to understand the beauty of ikebana. Minimal materials convey meaning through its natural colors, shapes and graceful lines. The artisan focuses on the expression of each branch, each flower, & each leaf… then arranges them next to one another with just the right amount of space in between to accentuate their beauty…

Ikebana is enjoyed not only for its beauty but also for its meditative qualities.

Ikebana perfectly demonstrates the delicate balance in life between having things and being free from things. Without space around or between, objects themselves lose meaning & value. With space around or between, objects are able to be accentuated & appreciated - we all need room for our thoughts to exist & thrive.

Sogetsu Ikebana compliments meditation very well. We will also be having Meditation in Nature... a time to relax and recharge yourself close to this beautiful art-form.

About the presenters:

Sensei Miyako Arao is a Sogetsu Ikebana 1st degree grand-master and holds the second highest rank “Komon.”, and is currently President of the Ikebana Teachers Association of Southern California.

Marilyn Drageset is a Sogetsu Ikebana 1st degree teacher and the current Director at the Sogetsu LA Branch.

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