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Time is so precious when it comes to entrepreneurship… you never seems to have enough of it.

The past few months just flew by! Our workspace has had quite a transformation. What started off as an empty shell is now presentable! We have taken on design projects in the past, but this one has been the most memorable and meaningful one. We are grateful to all of you that have contributed to the design, labor, and displays for our zenful space.

Fast forward to August 2017… We are almost ready for launch! This year has been all about learning… about all aspects of entrepreneurship, human emotions, & each other. We’ve gone through waves of ups and downs – emotional swings at various times between excitement and frustration, from being doubtful to being inspired.

Looking back at the year, we realized we have already gained so much from this. Our most treasured gains are the relationships we so luckily have been able to make. People have been mysteriously showing up at seemingly perfect moments into our lives. We are very grateful to you all, and look forward to making more connections in the coming years.

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