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5 Simple Hacks for Finding Peace in the Chaos of Life (It Is Possible)

It’s important to live in the moment, but all of the noise in our lives can make it feel impossible at times—the beeping horns, ringing cell phones, and constant chitchat can become more and more difficult to tune out. We know it’s important to be present, but research also indicates that mindfulness actually keeps us healthier (and saves us money).

If you’ve ever doubted the importance of injecting your life with mindfulness, chances are being happier and financially fit will sway you. Although it may seem daunting to add more rituals to your already jam-packed day, we promise it will pay off in the long run. We’ve rounded up five in-the-moment tips to add to your daily routine, according to mindfulness expert Leo Babauta:

Slow down on social media: All of the friend requests, Instagram likes, and constant scrolling through photos can be time-consuming. Pick a time each day to check in on all things social, and be sure to delete the apps or programs you can live without.

Set contact limits: If you’re constantly checking your work email after-hours, it’s easy to become distracted. By setting reachable time frames with co-workers, you'll avoid receiving messages at all hours of the night (or weekend).

Be okay with doing nothing: They call it leisure for a reason. Sometimes we’re so busy that it becomes difficult to just sit and be. Make sure you dedicate a few minutes a day to doing just that.

Live in the present: Savor the little things in life, such as treating yourself to a muffin for breakfast or spending time coloring after work. The less you think about the past or future, the more you can focus on how nice the here and now can be.

Do a little soul searching: It doesn’t have to be as corny as it sounds. Find out what makes you happiest, and just go with it. When you tune out the background noise, you may be surprised at the kind of thoughts that come to you.

Be sure to read how to use technology to raise mindful kids, and tell us which mindfulness tip you’ll try first!

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