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"Meditation is coming to Brea!" - Our Soft Opening Event

Mark the date! 11.11.17


Come celebrate with us on this special day! We are excited to bring meditation to Orange County communities.

Zenfinite Meditaiton Lounge is our creation to share our experiences about meditation. We have enjoyed this journey - it has benefited our emotional well-being and enriched our lives.

We realized there may be uncertainty and challenge surrounding meditation to some. In meditation, what we see a need for is education, a clear & simple understanding towards a stronger foundation for people to grow from. It comes down to the basic concept of being mindful of the present and enjoying it. We decided to create a modern and zenful space to make meditation approachable to everyone.

Whether your are a curious soul to mindfulness, or a seasoned practitioner of meditation, we think you will enjoy the space we have created for you.

Some featured events we will have at our soft opening:

- Live Sound Meditation

- Ikebana - Japanese floral arrangement demonstration

- Luxury Meditation Jewelry & Loungy Meditation Wear

- Food and Drinks

and more...

We are located in Brea, California near the new

Whole Foods Market on Imperial Hwy and Valencia Ave.

At the corner of La Plaza Dr. and La Crescenta Dr.

Hope to see you in a couple of weeks!

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